Aufblühen mitten im Winter

Much I like at Advent, the peace and quiet that we have arranged. The fragrances, which only go through the house once a year. Preparing, decorating and looking forward to the special feast. Crackling and comfort. Letters, and pacts – in the modern era, also write and send mail.

But one of the most special moods is to experience that all our animals give themselves to the cozy atmosphere. All day long they lay around as if they were aware of the fallow of the earth. They are peaceful and calm, and they are a great respite. Even our temperament bundle Emma costs the rest together. Still, there are some flowers that have just chosen to blossom. A RED Amaryllis I bought myself – she decided then for white. And in the barbarian we can find green buds.

Blooming in the darkest days of the year, what a comforting message !!!

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